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The free OpenConstitution of UTOPIA3 is a social experiment to inspire who actually has the power to create a better society and socio-economical system.

Preface (of the founder)

This wiki has been started because one night I had a dream. A real dream:

There was this old guy, a ruthless businessman, arrogant (as many in the real life) one of the richest in the world that for a series of personal reasons (cancer diagnosed, framed in some scandals..) decided to take all his money plus collect other sums (that practically were unusable, because in some offshore banned account) among his friends, to do what he was considering the last/only good action in his life: to reset buying a huge piece of land from a failing country to start a new different state called UTOPIA 3. Then he delegated his assistants to organize a big lottery/competition to populate it with the most talented citizens for the creation of a new socio-economical system.

When I woke up I was WOWD, but at the same time the disappointment for not having a vision of the "new socio economical system" was high. I thought: it cannot be either a communist or capitalistic system, maybe some kind of new environment friendly socialism... anyway i decided to open this site to continue the dream and collect the opinions of "the most talented digital citizen".

How to contribute

1) Open POOLS

In order to avoid trolls and extremists there will be pools on moral, ethical and practical problems, the most selected answers will become "the bones" of the article about that topic. Morover social logins or similar will be enabled as soon as possible in order to allow also not registered users to vote.

2) the Discussion Page

Each discussion page can be used to propose new pools

3) the Comment boxes (example below)

they can be used to propose new solutions for the above mentioned question

4) Votes (example below)

this feature can be used as feedback on articles or pages.

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